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Summer Pop Up Series pt.2: On Jacky K. and Volunteering

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Now that you've met me- it's time to meet Jacky K.

Jacky teaches Balletone and LABlast, both of which are dance fitness. She's also working on building Cardio Yoga classes! She loves to dance (and posts some great videos of herself dancing!).

You can find her on IG @jayquillan and learn more about her here:

Like many of us, Jacky made connections for her summer classes and community events by volunteering. Volunteering for community events is a great way to establish yourself, make connections, and engage with the community!

It can also be a wonderful promotion for your classes or studio.

Of course, we could talk all day about when you should or shouldn't volunteer here's a brief overview of when you should volunteer:

- When you want to feel connected to your community

- When you have a personal connection to the cause or event

- To help establish yourself as a newer instructor or in a newer community

- To promote a business endeavor

Here's when you should not volunteer:

- When your time is being undervalued or under-appreciated

- When you don't have a personal attachment to the cause or event

- When the added physical and/or emotional stress is too high

- When you are not making valuable connections

Jacky K. volunteering for Pride celebrations!

Now...on to the questions with Jacky K.:


I am doing special summer classes in Cape Cod!

My classes include a Balletone class at B Free Wellness (a non-profit) in Hyannis, a Balletone class for a special community Unity Day in Hyannis, and a LaBlast (ballroom fitness) class at a special event, United We Dance, in Harwich with a live band on August 28th!

(I am also trying to start Balletone on the beach pop up classes too!)


The Balletone class is through a non profit studio, B Free Wellness.

The Unity Day is a special event coordinated by the studio through the local police department.

The United We Dance is a special dance event hosted for the community by a dance organization.


I volunteered to teach as part of the Pride Dance Party at B Free, and then they wanted me to join their team! The Unity Day event is through B Free Wellness as well.

For the United We Dance project- I had someone contact me after seeing my posts on IG!


I love that, especially with the dance in the park events, they really bring the community together! These people may not necessarily join a studio class, but I love that I can help them experience joy through dance!

Stay Tuned for part 3! We'll meet another amazing instructor!

For more job resources check out: or check out @takethestagefitness on IG!

Til next time!

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