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Summer Pop Up Classes Pt. 1

Summer is here (and somehow already gone?). I’ve been loving my summer outdoor classes.

I realized that while I got lucky that these classes were offered to me, many instructors would love to work these gigs, but they don't know where to begin. I also saw all of these amazing instructors on Instagram talking about their summer teaching gigs, resort teaching, and community pop-ups. I wondered- “How did these instructors find and/or start all these cool classes?”

…And I’m guessing many of you may have thought the same question. So I decided to ask for you and share this info to help us grow! This way you can start brainstorming, creating partnerships, and connecting with people who can make it happen!

Today we’ll talk about how I found my classes that inspired this series…

Summer Pop Up Series: How It All Started!

The idea to interview people came from my own summer classes for Island OM on Roosevelt Island. As someone who loves helping other fitness instructors find great jobs I wanted to know how a few of the other instructors found their classes!

I was lucky enough to be added to these classes as an extension of Island OM’s class offerings- but other than corporate pop up classes or series- this was my first time teaching pop-ups!

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor classes, business collaborations, and earning a little extra! While studio attendance may drop during the summer, people love a fun special event!

So this series asks 4 simple questions to help you learn a little more about some the opportunities out there!


This summer, I’m teaching yoga and a bodyweight sculpt class for a large residential building and its pool members on Roosevelt Island.

The classes take place on a grassy area beside the pool facing the East River with a view of Manhattan in the background. Yoga is at or around sunset each week and the body weight sculpt is a weekend morning class.


The classes are hosted by the pool itself and are open to members of the pool and the other residents in the building.

They are facilitated by the studio I teach at, Island OM. Island OM and the owner of Island OM have a long standing relationship with the pool. Other than hosting, all the space set up comes from the studio- including the outdoor speaker!

Attendees are asked to bring their own mats. We don't provide mats or any additional props. Since it's so close to home, some bring their own props to support their practice!


The owner of island OM has a long standing relationship with business and residents on the island. She started teaching with the pool even before opening her brick and mortar studio.

Since she's busy running a new studio, she asked the other teachers at the studio if they were interested.Before she opened the studio she taught various classes including these for the pool. This year she offered the classes to the staff for the studio, and I was thrilled to teach right along the river!


I love teaching on the island to begin with! Roosevelt Island is technically part of Manhattan, but it feels like a tight knit and small community. I love the atmosphere on the island.

Then, I get to teach while the sun sets with a view of trees, the river, and of course, Manhattan, as the backdrop! It feels incredibly peaceful in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the country!

Stay Tuned for part 2! We'll meet some new instructors and continue learning! For more job resources check out:

Til next time!


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