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Summer Pop-Up Series: Siri C. Pt. 4


Siri is a 15+-year veteran of the fitness industry and a Master Trainer for Cardio Yoga® and RAQ THE BARRE®. She teaches formats ranging from Pilates, Barre and Balletone® to Step and HIIT, and is certified by ACE, AFAA, and SCW. Siri is passionate about training instructors and regularly presents at industry-leading conferences including IDEA, SCW, and the World Barre Summit. Besides her fitness career, Siri has a second career as an academic researcher on behavioral science and gender equality in organizations at Harvard University.

Siri offers a unique perspective on summer pop-up classes. Instead of teaching in her area, Siri travels to resorts and does working vacations with Fit Bodies, Inc.

Fitness vacations are a great way to vacation at top resorts for deep discounts in exchange for teaching (usually 1-2 a day) classes. If you love the resort vacation lifestyle be sure to check it out (here's Siri's Fit Bodies Link: ).

If you have a summer home in another city you can create your own working vacations- connect with studios, businesses and community events. Or check out park and beach permitting to start your own class!

Now On To Questions With Siri C.:


This summer, I’m spending three weeks at three different resorts in the Dominican Republic as a visiting fitness instructor through FitBodies, Inc. Once at the resort, I teach 1-2 classes per day - in my case, I’ve been teaching various styles of yoga on this summer’s trip - and the rest of the time I'm on vacation like everyone else!

The locations for our classes are invariably stunning! I’ve taught on the beach; in an open-air (but covered) studio space in the spa; in open-air gazebos by the resort pools; in the hydrotherapy circuit area in the spa… You can’t beat these “studios”!


FitBodies is essentially a travel agency for fitness professionals. They work withabout 90 resorts in the Caribbean, Asia, and around the world to supply the resorts with licensed and trained fitness professionals for a week at a time. As an instructor, I go on the FitBodies website, decide where I’d like to travel and when, and they handle all the back-end booking logistics for me.


Any certified fitness instructor can sign up to travel with FitBodies! As part of the sign-up process, you will be asked to upload copies of your certifications and share a little bit of background on your teaching experience (how long you have been teaching, where, what formats etc.). Creating your account is completely free and there is no obligation to travel. Once you are signed up, you can view all travel opportunities and resorts completely for free. Personally, I’ve been on 21 teaching vacations and counting with FitBodies since 2009!


Honestly, I love EVERYTHING about teaching vacations! The ability to travel to gorgeous tropical destinations; sharing my passion for fitness while being 99% on vacation myself; getting to spend quality time with my loved ones (you always get to bring an adult companion with you for free, plus up to 2 kids at kid-friendly resorts); having time to work on my own projects whether they be filming for Instagram, choreographing classes, preparing conference presentations, etc.; eating delicious food and not having to cook any of it… The list is endless! :)

Stay Tuned for the last summer pop-up: Lacey B!


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