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Private Coaching

Audition Coaching

One of the keys to successful group fitness instruction is confident communication. Take the Stage is here to help you deliver classes with concise cueing, confident delivery, and clear communication in every class. 

Our workshops, videos, and workbooks will help guide you through the process of finding your unique voice in the fitness industry, owning that voice, and commanding the room every time.

We are here to remind you: YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Resumé Building and Editing

Every great instructor needs a great resumé! We're here to help. We offer two resume packages.

Both begin with a virtual consultation on Zoom. From there we can either guide you or build the resume for you!

Just need a little editing! We can do that too!

Pilates Workout

Vocal Coaching

For Fitness Instructors and Voice Users

Fitness Instructors are considered professional voice users. While there are many vocal coaches for singers, we approach vocal health from a fitness perspective. If you're experiencing vocal fatigue, vocal strain, hoarseness, or changes to your voice book a FREE 15 minute session to look into whether or not vocal coaching can help. Our vocal coaching can help with techniques and breath work to reduce vocal strain and help you continue teaching with a healthy voice.

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