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Women in Fitness Clothes


A page dedicated to Resources for Group Fitness Instructors!

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Yoga Lunge



Laptop and Stationery


Free downloadable guides, lists, and a growing list of other resources!

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Yoga Lunge

My Favorite Things

Laptop and Stationery


My favorite products to support fitness instructors. Use my discount code listed to save on some of my favorite things!

A portable barre for easy use in your home studio, home practice, or to work on your class choreography!

Use the link above to save $20 on any Booty Kicker!

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 2.27.09 PM.png

Pre-made fitness music and royalty free music to use for classes, streaming, and more!

Click on the link and Save 15% with Code: TAKETHESTAGE

Fit Woman with Headphones

High quality, Disney-inspired athletic wear that I absolutely love (check out my photo!)

Click on the link and Save 10% with Code: ASHLEIGHHERNDON


My favorite Vocal Health tool! The Voice Straw comes with different diameter reusable straws to help strengthen your breath and the muscles around your voice. It's like weight lifting for your voice!

Click on the link and Save 10% with Code: ASHLEIGHHERNDON

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