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Vocal Health

Protect Your Voice!

Group fitness instructors use their voices constantly to communicate. Vocal strain and injuries are becoming more and more prevalent in the fitness community. But how do you know if you're experiencing a serious issue or vocal fatigue?

That's where I come in: as a Vocal Health First Aider, I work as a first line of defense for the voice. Not sure if you need a vocal coach? Book a free 15 minute consultation today!


Please note: Vocal Health First Aiders are not medical professionals and cannot offer diagnoses. If you suspect you have a true vocal injury always check in with a medical professional. 

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What Does Vocal Coaching Do

Help connect the Voice to the Body

Course Work or One on One

Come Up With a Vocal Plan

Learn Breath Work

Learn Vocal Techniques Designed for Instructors and not just singers

Earn CEUs (pending)

Sportswear Fashion

Book a Vocal Coaching Today

Want to improve your speaking voice? Feel like you're not using your voice correctly? Book a 60 minute vocal coaching to work on breath, projection, and releasing vocal tension. 

Not sure? Book a free 15 minute consultation!

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