Music 101

Want to elevate your classes to the next level with music but have no idea where to begin? Music 101 for Fitness Instructors is for you!

Music is a powerful tool as a group fitness instructor, but you may not have had a music class since middle school. Music 101 for Fitness Instructors takes music theory and designs a streamlined course of the most important aspects as a group fitness instructor. 

Music 101 is designed to make understanding music accessible to everyone! (We're currently working to create captioning!) This program is unique in that it looks at music theory from a fitness perspective and teaches you only the parts of music that are relevant to teaching!

Meet Your Instructors:

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Ashleigh Herndon

Dr. Joshua Navon

Ashleigh holds a BA in Musical Theatre with a music minor. She has worked extensively as a musical theatre teacher for teens. Ashleigh is a fitness industry vet who has taught in multiple formats from dance based BollyX, to Barre Above (Program Specialist), to Yoga. She brings her knowledge of industry and music to the program.

Dr. Joshua Navon holds a PhD in Historical Musicology from Columbia University where he teaches a core curriculum class introducing music theory and history to non-majors. In addition to bringing his expertise in the music field, Dr. Navon brings an understanding of introducing core music concepts in a way that is easy to understand for everyone!

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Music 101 for Fitness Instructors

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